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With Jennifer Clark at the helm of another one of her famous transformational and experiential days of personal evolution, you will be getting..... 

A powerful day of change and transformation ....... no fluff. Jennifer and her team will plunge you into the issues in your tissues to awaken through change and healing through grief.   Shift guaranteed. Kleenex will be provided.
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Our Hosts, Jennifer & Pierrette

Life can be challenging and emotional at the best of times. Even the best of us need help once in a while.  Transition and tragedy can be hard to navigate alone. Negative emotions can make you feel stuck. As a Transformation Coach for the past 20 years, what I do best is to help people awaken through change and grow through adversity.

After the death of my young sister in January 2017, I became intimately aware of the process of grieving, healing and living through adversity. We all face loss at some point in our lives. Death, divorce, dis-ease, disaster are all challenges Life throws at us. It is part of the human story. How we respond to these curve balls is how we truly prove our spiritual mastery and gain insight and valuable growth from the challenge. 

One of my biggest learnings I've received through this healing through grief journey has been unless you have lived through these kind of changes, you really don’t know how it feels. For a while, I felt very alone….until I started connecting with the right kind of people and started to create the right kind of tribe.

I've joined forces with the dynamic Pierrette Raymond, Grief Coach and Forbes Leadership Coach, founder of Women Living Fully - Private Group, who shares my same passion and vision to support people moving through challenges. Pierrette has also been a champion of change in all arenas of her professional career and is passionate about helping people move forward. 

We are excited to gather together some of the best coaches and healing facilitators to help you build resilience, finding meaning & purpose through adversity, awaken through change, heal through grief and meet people who really understand how it feels to be you.

This day of powerful transformation will be a blend of concrete tips on taking back your financial power, how to moving forward through grief, how to navigate relationship endings, estate planning and how to protect your loved ones along with powerful sacred ceremony and alternative healing tools for change and bridging loss of all kinds.
Life Transition Specialist. Pierrette works with women and families who are going through or are coming out of a crisis or major life transition.
With a background in Psychology and Education, a Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certifications in Death & Dying, Bereavement, Funeral Services, Grief Recovery and Relocation & Transition Services, and over 17 years helping individuals and families through the process of letting go, Pierrette understands and can help you through the deep psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual toll you experience when you are in overwhelm, when you are grieving or when you are in transition.

A Day Of Transformation!


  • Registration (8:30-9)
  • Welcome
  • Money Matters


  • Hoʻoponopono Healing Ceremony
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

12 noon - 1pm
Sit Down Hot Lunch

1 - 3:25

  • Relationship Rebuilding
  • Guided Meditation
  • Grief Coaching

3:30 - 5

  • Messages From Spirit
  • Candle Lighting Ceremony
  • Wrap Up



Change Agents

Jennifer Clark

Transformative Spiritual Teacher & Shi(f)t Disturber.Jennifer Clark's transformational work is a unique blend of the concrete and esoteric worlds. She strives to connect Heaven and Earth to allow her clients to truly become powerful, passionate and purposeful people. A graduate of Queen's University, Jennifer is a certified Canadian Risk Manager from the Sprott School of Business and a Psych Health & Safety Advisor certifed by the Mental Health Commission. She provides success strategies to help shift people into more re-Sourceful states. She is also Ottawa's first Angel Therapy Practitioners certified by Doreen Virtue and one of Canada's top Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructors. She is a graduate of The 8th Fire School of Shamanism and is a NLP practitioner. She hosted the popular "Jen's Zen" tv show on Rogers 22 television for several years as well as hosting "The Namaste Show: Good News For A Change" radio program at CKCU FM.

Sheila Winter Wallace

The BS Navigator. Helping you navigate life's BS. Sheila will facilitate a session on Healing Beyond Bancruptcy: Bankruptcy, like death, evokes intense and lingering feelings of loss, uncertainty, betrayal, abandonment, fear, rage, collapse and shame; we grieve it all and we wonder if we’ll ever get beyond it. What else can be possible for you to re-ignite Power, Passion and Purpose? Become your own invitation and dive into the healing experience of Ho’o Pono Pono (to make ‘right’ right), redefining forgiveness, by way of an ancient Hawaiian rite, to reclaim eternal peace within you.

Oksana Strelbitsky

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner
Oksana will explain how to do EFT tapping sequence. We will tap together on  grief that you have experienced. This powerful tool can be used in any area of your life that requires shifting,  such as your emotions, your physical health, your relationships  and many more. 

Tara Shannon

The Music Medium Tara will facilitate healing through grief with guidance from Spirit through her gifts rooted in the belief that Music is a healing energy that connects us all and empowers the human spirit.

Sarah Wibberley

Pathwalker and Avalonian Druid. In Kildare, Ireland, a flame burns to Brigit, Goddess and Saint of transition, forge and hearth, midwifery and strength.  The flame is spread from candle to candle and brings her support  to us to call upon in times of need. Sarah Wibberley, a Druid in the Tradition of Avalon (the early spirituality of the British Isles), will facilitate the passing of this flame.


Get Ready To Learn From Our Event Sponsors

*Laurie Cole

A fourth generation descendant of John Cole, founder of the original Pinecrest Remembrance Services. Laurie is passionate about serving her community with the highest quality of professionals in the industry while offering compassionate care and counselling to those grieving and experiencing one of life’s hardest challenges.  

*Anne Perrault

Chartered Accountant. Specializes in chartered solvency and restructuring. As a heart-centered Money Coach for the past 20 years, Anne finds purpose and meaning in helping people with their personal finances guiding them and empowering them to reach their financial life goals. As the President of Perrault & Associates, Anne loves seeing how the people she coaches are on a path to financial freedom. She truly is your financial angel!

*Diane Valiquette

Professional Mediator and Relationship Specialist. Diane has been offering relationship training through The Separation & Divorce Resource Centre.  She is the CEO and Founder of Canada's first interdisciplinary family based services centre for individuals going through the separation and divorce process. Participants of her “Rebuilding Relationships” workshop learn to strengthen the relationship with themselves; as they move forward from difficult situations. Her no-nonsense approach has made her a sought after expert in the field of rebuilding relationships.

*Anna Robson

Transformative Mediator. Founder of LegalPrep Ottawa who assists her clients in being prepared for the time of Grief ensuring that they take care of the necessary Life Administration and Estate Planning details beforehand to allow their loved ones peace of mind without worry or stress. She helps her clients lift administrative confusion and works compassionately with her clients to dive into the daunting and difficult unknown about Estate Planning.


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